Weekly Capsule Reviews – 20/03/2016


This week: The KVB, Underworld, Iggy Pop, Guy Andrews, Primal Scream, Yeasayer, The Zolas, Jeremy Gara, Tonight Alive

The KVB – Of Desire (11/03/2016 – Invada Records/Metropolis Records)

This reverb-drenched, dark wave, post-punk-emulating outfit barrel through every gloomy insight they seem to create. Yet their doggerel dirge and Joy Division/New Order “groove” is simplistic, sonically cynical (not sure about the words), and meticulously mopey. (8/10) [Dorney’s Top Records of 2016: #26]

Underworld – Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future (18/03/2016 – Universal Music Group, Inc./Caroline Distribution/Astralwerks)

The electronic pioneers return with drum ‘n’ bass modernity like all of their contemporaries. Yet you still feel they know it better than anything the wannabes could throw up, and prove it with this assault and critique of modern aesthetics. In sound, anyway. (8/10)

Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression (18/03/2016 – Loma Vista Recordings)

A solid (finale?) effort from the Godfather of Punk and a lot more. Though the voice isn’t as fruitful as yesteryear, it still possesses charm with the honest musicianship of Josh Homme et al. (7/10)

Guy Andrews – Our Spaces (04/03/2016 – Houndstooth)

Ambient, arid, post-rock surrounds from another “postmodernist” who’s had it up to here with the mainstream. (6/10)

Primal Scream – Chaosmosis (18/03/2016 – First International/Ignition Records)

Nowhere near the hits-saturated Screamadelica, but even at that the cornball electronics and rhythms are somewhat endearing. (6/10)

Yeasayer – Amen & Goodbye (01/04/2016 – mute)

The New Yorkers’ appropriated African beats are melodic and pristine. Boring enough middle, though. (6/10)

The Zolas – Swooner (04/03/2016 – Light Organ Records)

Modern Canadian jangle-pop holding true to everything we’ve heard before. I like their CV sensibilities, however. (6/10)

Jeremy Gara – Limn (11/03/2016 – NRCSS Industry (self-released))

The unrelenting, arid loops are tediously overworked, overdone, and most of all, unimpressive. (5/10)

Tonight Alive – Limitless (04/03/2016 – Sony Music Entertainment Australia/Fearless Records/Easy Life Records)

Fangirl rock for the twelve-year-olds who don’t like Beliebers, think Paramore is heavy, and Evanescence is for goths. They might not be wrong. (4/10)


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