Weekly Capsule Reviews – 03/04/2016


This week: Eric Bachmann, HÆLOS, Santigold, The Last Shadow Puppets, Explosions in the Sky, Gwen Stefani

Eric Bachmann – Eric Bachmann (25/03/2016 – Merge Records)

The usual country concoctions of “there’s-no-place-like-home” syndrome, family fruitfulness, and… drugs…? But I enjoyed the harmonious voice and piano. I get why you might not like it, and I couldn’t tell you definitively why I thoroughly enjoyed it either. (8/10)

HÆLOS – Full Circle (18/03/2016 – Matador Records)

This was the dance-pop I was looking forward to this year. Purposeful, useful instrumentation, soul in vocals and production – most of the pretentious offerings this year were too computerised for my viscera. (8/10) [Dorney’s Top Records of 2016: #14]

Santigold – 99¢ (26/02/2016 – Atlantic Records)

That dreadful drivel of anti-monogamous declarations in the middle didn’t thwart the pop beats and brash bars of Santigold, or more importantly my listening. (7/10)

The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect (01/04/2016 – Domino Recording Company)

Alex Turner’s [attempt to] transition from dance-floor hardman to co-leadman of baroque “string arrangements” is as futile as someone telling me the Arctic Monkeys were actual hardmen. Two different Turner forms, and that’s the point, we hope. (6/10)

Explosions in the Sky – The Wilderness (01/04/2016 – Temporary Residence Limited)

Wow, atmospheric nuances in a noughties post-rock album?! No way?! (5/10)

Gwen Stefani – This Is What the Truth Feels Like (18/03/2016 – Interscope Records)

The beginning of this record I enjoyed, actually. Is she miserable? Yeah. Does she mean it? Yeah. Unlike her records previously there’s no real hook. Whether you enjoyed the subject matter or not is nearly irrelevant in our modern-day pop paradigm. (5/10)


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