Weekly Capsule Reviews – 17/04/2016


This week: Teen Suicide, Com Truise, Gallant, Santana, Frightened Rabbit, PJ Harvey, M83

Teen Suicide – It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot (01/04/2016 – Run for Cover Records)

I did thoroughly enjoy this piece of erratic nostalgia. A lot of it floated over me, to the point where I lost track but knew I wasn’t to be/wouldn’t be disappointed. Glints of ’90s alternative rock, lo-fi trepidation, compendious punk, societal taboos, and heart that Jeff Mangum exudes – and I emphasis – all too well permeate this overindulgent piece of anxiety. Mangum couldn’t do this. (8/10)

Com Truise – Silicon Tare (01/04/2016 – Ghostly International) – (EP)

A solid piece of futurism with many of the gimmicks you’re accustomed to. This one is a nice listen to boot. (7/10)

Gallant – Ology (06/04/2016 – Mind of a Genius Records/Warner Bros. Records Inc.)

Another experimental/alternative R&B male ready to tackle his vulnerable inner self with sugary tone and beats [mostly] to match. If The Weeknd could still conjure up something as fetching yet hard-hitting as “Talking to Myself” with its stripped-back yet intricate production he wouldn’t be as big as he is, unfortunately. In his Internet days he could. Hopefully this guy will stick to a merger of the “experimental” and pop-R&B formulae. (7/10)

Santana – Santana IV (15/04/2016 – Santana IV Records (self-released))

Santana’s cock-rock approach hasn’t dwindled I see. Nor should it. When the funk is released the reverb effects are a welcome accompaniment. When it isn’t, I just take it for what it is: a Santana record. There are just about enough high points to alleviate the chauvinism and over-inflated guitar-isms, those high points being the Latino/African parts. (7/10)

Frightened Rabbit – Painting of a Panic Attack (08/04/2016 – Atlantic Records)

Eclectic for a spacey bunch of nothing – the album builds up as much as you’d like and never hits you anywhere – possessing stagnant delay effects and monotone vocal cadence with a tight rhythm section keeping it all glued together. Competent, however. (6/10)

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project (15/04/2016 – Island Records/Vagrant Records)

2011’s Let England Shake was beautifully marred with what’s wrong with the world. This could’ve done with a little less of that and some more music. There’s too much reporting from the depths of human hell. I got a history lesson last time, too much this time. (6/10)

M83 – Junk (08/04/2016 – Naïve Records/mute)

Too easy to make a joke on the title. Shielding it from the depths of ignominy is a vocally-enhanced track or two which tickled my fancy. I’m too generous, mind. (6/10)


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