Weekly Capsule Reviews – 24/04/2016


This week: John Carpenter, Rusangano Family, Graham Nash

John Carpenter – Lost Themes II (15/04/2016 – Sacred Bones Records)

Like a movie, a staged and structured composition with technological spooks to boot. Carpenter is cold in his delivery and not the cold the purists will bask in. When I say “purists” I mean guitar-oriented rock, call me prejudiced. Still I enjoyed the cataclysm of chilling electronics and anti-art; anti-music, if you will. (8/10)

Rusangano Family – Let the Dead Bury the Dead (08/04/2016 – self-released)

I knew they were from Ireland and I definitely knew after the eightieth time they told me in song one. They don’t need Kendrick or Kanye yet sound like Kendrick (but possess more sense than Kanye, I think). Pretty uneventful but the novelty of their ethnicity in the depths of Limerick culture can only lead to further success. And who’s to stop them? (7/10)

Graham Nash – This Path Tonight (15/04/2016 – Blue Castle Records (self-released))

The legend returns with more vapid acoustic values which plenty of young fledglings would like to convey. The opener is sweet and tender; the rest is much the same I’m not afraid to confess, but it’s nearly too authentic. No visceral punch. (5/10)


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