Weekly Capsule Reviews – 29/05/2016


This week: Tim Heidecker, Skepta, Boys Noize, Saosin, Nicholas Allbrook

Tim Heidecker – In Glendale (20/05/2016 – Rado Records)

This guy takes Americana and pulls the piss out of it like only an American can or would be allowed to. “Cleaning up the dog shit/Cleaning up the baby shit” – I see no difference. The dog would probably be easier to look after (and more enjoyable). I can see people being averse to the Nicolas Cage thing. So what? (8/10)

Skepta – Konnichiwa (06/05/2016 – Boy Better Know (self-released))

His discipline is admirable even if for self-promotion, and that goes for his brother, too. Ignoring the cheese (which conveniently Jme does in diet) in most of this album, the likes of “That’s Not Me” are beats-wise, steadfast, and almost Buddhist in their neglect of mainstream commodities. In lyrics, at least. (8/10) [Dorney’s Top Records of 2016: #21]

Boys Noize – Mayday (20/05/2016 – Boysnoize Records (self-released))

Alexander Ridha’s European dystopia is real and it’s a pity we need electronic-isms to show us the way. (7/10)

Saosin – Along the Shadow (20/05/2016 – Epitaph Records)

Enough of the idiotic growls and switch in vocal timbre to keep the goth wannabes coming. It did possess riffs in there, if the voice(s) would let me listen. Knowing the likes of these they never will. (7/10)

Nicholas Allbrook – Pure Gardiya (27/05/2016 – Spinning Top Music (self-released))

I’d almost believe his sincerity if he wasn’t so zealous about it. And I’d almost believe his melancholy if he didn’t work with Tame Impala. (6/10)


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