Weekly Capsule Reviews – 12/06/2016


This week: Amber Arcades, Melvins, Mourn, Beartooth

Amber Arcades – Fading Lines (03/06/2016 – Heavenly Recordings/PIAS America)

Packed full of the jingle-jangle I clamber for and one of my favourite riffs of the year thus far in the title track, so I can see why Drowned In Sound flipped their lid. And I can also see why they’re in financial trouble if this gets the full 10/10. But it’s not far off. Unlike most “indie” and post-punk “revivalists”, she nearly gets the early-’80s ingredients spot on. It’s a little weary and drawn out in spots, but is there any album which isn’t somewhere along the line? Maybe some of those ’80s albums she likes so much? (8/10)

Melvins – Basses Loaded (03/06/2016 – Ipecac Recordings)

I was thoroughly enjoying the slow, sludgy tempos this time ’round, until the usual King Buzzo puerility took precedence (“Shaving Cream”). It wouldn’t be a Melvins album otherwise. I wouldn’t mind a hint of consistent seriousness, however. I can only dream. (6/10)

Mourn – Ha, Ha, He. (03/06/2016 – Captured Tracks)

The melodies of Hinds’ January album are missing; those melodies saved the intentional scrappy production. Slightly better produced here yet nothing really to show for it. A lo-fi exterior might have suited it better. A lack of change in tempos and rhythms didn’t help much either. (6/10)

Beartooth – Aggressive (03/06/2016 – Red Bull Records/UNFD)

Saosin’s “screamo” had me a little interested with potential stand-alone riffery away from the angsty roaring. This is a different story – this is stuff you find on Scuzz. The bottom-of-the-barrel music channels when MTV and VH1 have bored you… and yet you still flick away. (5/10)


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