Weekly Capsule Reviews – 19/06/2016


This week: Garbage, Paul Simon

Garbage – Strange Little Birds (10/06/2016 – STUNVOLUME (self-released))

Nice to hear some cohesive industrial rock this time ’round. Rob Zombie is, well, Rob Zombie and Wire, though I liked Nocturnal Koreans, get a bit hectoring now, a bit agitated. This had steely groove, a smooth rhythm section, and smooth vocals even when they were tampered with. There was too much going on, Shirley Manson didn’t need it. Her range is strong enough to withstand the heavy production. Decent tunes, though. (6/10)

Paul Simon – Stranger to Stranger (03/06/2016 – Concord Records)

Playful Paul, bringing world music to the world. Graceland was full of everything good Africa has to offer with highlife and Simon’s indigenous Americana merged together to make hooky and commercial pop. The perfect ’80s cash formula – a repetitious backdrop with a hook, and it doesn’t even have to be disco. This is much more within himself and his guitar, and had moments. Not enough, however. The tunes never zone you out, you never drift. But if you decide to do so intentionally his voice is always a charm. (6/10)

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