Weekly Capsule Reviews – 31/07/2016


This week: Steven Tyler, Róisín Murphy

Steven Tyler – We’re All Somebody from Somewhere (15/07/2016 – Dot Records)

I have no problem with this, really. Tyler’s honest country endeavours, which he never really touched upon in Aerosmith, can only seem to me to suggest a hint of catching up on lost time. Battling addictions which come with the hard-rock paradigm he loved so dear, he knows he was/is his own worst enemy. Maybe hanging around the blues-rock Americana for so long does that to you. It sounds like it. (6/10)

Róisín Murphy – Take Her Up to Monto (08/07/2016 – PIAS Recordings)

Too sparse and thin to convey her innate weirdness. The arid atmosphere didn’t have enough of “Ten Miles High”‘s reverb percussion and sprinkles of synth. Filler to save tracks from monotonous vortexes is usually a sign of a weak record, but this was crying out for it at times. Let’s take the opener, “Mastermind” – the xylophone-like, tippy-tappy arrangement and electrobeats needed a crescendo to justify their lengthy foundation and background eavesdropping. They didn’t get it. At least she isn’t an Hibernophile, in the traditional sense of the word. (5/10)


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