Weekly Capsule Reviews – 07/08/2016


This week: Dinosaur Jr., Bat for Lashes

Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not (05/08/2016 – Jagjaguwar)

J Mascis is fifty-years young. I think you know what that means from the content of Dinosaur Jr.’s latest release (and the vast majority of their releases). A whiny adolescent drawl with little-to-no variation in tempo, pitch, and tone rings throughout, whether he’s walking for miles in the search for your love or just still contemplating longingly what love is at the age of fifty. The guitar matches these sentiments even if it’s let loose with some cock-rock, underdeveloped solos and riffs in the body of the record. Even with all this taken into account its ingredients work well when you think they don’t nor want them to. Distorted riffs with layered, choppy solos on top is the best concoction for any good-natured misfits who refuse to play polished rock. Let’s take Melvins’ King Buzzo – a big child who tosses out all hope of some adult-oriented rock (that’s the polished bit) to continually grab hold of his youth that he refuses to let go of. Mascis thinks he’s past that, but he isn’t. And sometimes that ignorant innocence can conjure up something like this. (8/10)

Bat for Lashes – The Bride (01/07/2016 – Parlophone Records)

It isn’t often in the year 2016 you can say that a “concept” from a “concept album” drives the entire project over the line more so than the more-often-than-not drab instrumentation that accompanies it, even if the “concept” is as frivolously grief-like as this. A tale of Khan preparing for the archaic ritualistic endeavours of marriage, her soon-to-be husband, Joe, is taken from us in a fatal car crash. Khan honeymoons alone and carries on doggedly determined to complete life without Joe. Musing over what life will be like without him, Khan tells us she’ll love again. So Joe’s demise matches all marriages or potential ones, really. (7/10)


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