Weekly Capsule Reviews – 21/08/2016


This week: of Montreal

of Montreal – Innocence Reaches (12/08/2016 – Polyvinyl Record Co.)

In which our hero(ine) Kevin Barnes grasps a feminist understanding of women coming from a feminine-heterosexual (?) stance himself – “It’s different for girls/They are mercurial creatures, not a masculine dissonance/Or sexual currency”, “It’s different for girls/They don’t spit on the streets/They don’t piss on the seat/They don’t have to size up every person they meet/Or create an elite/Or poison the game so no one else can compete”. This is, however, taking the form of a feminist who doesn’t pander to the far-left ideologues. It shows women at their best, at their most stoic, at their most dominant. And they’re at their most dominant when men think they’re dominant. It’s different for boys. (8/10)

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