Weekly Capsule Reviews – 04/09/2016


This week: Daddy, Wild Nothing

Daddy – Let Me Get What I Want (18/03/2016 – We Are Daddy, LLC (self-released))

James Franco and friend put on a polished show that any mopey industrialist could only dream of conjuring up. Where Morrissey wears his wit and mope on his sleeve with guile, sardonicism, and petty prose, Franco wears them with a blunt infirmity that any adolescent bedroom-dwelling “poet” can only drool over – “When I was in seventh grade/I put kids in three categories/Sports kids, smart kids, social kids/Some kids played football well/And were dumb and ugly/And some kids got good grades/And their only friends were their parents/And there were others that danced among us/There were others that danced among us…” I can’t figure out if Franco is playing the guise of a schoolgirl or a homosexual male. Either way, Sterling is in for an ear-full of adolescent pain. (6/10)

Wild Nothing – Life of Pause (19/02/2016 – Captured Tracks/Bella Union)

Playing the sycophant to the ladies in the medium of song is nothing new in rock. But I could almost fall for his near Jeff Lynne impression. Not the evil woman Jack Tatum is chasing but more the flawed one, the one you don’t want but feel you need. In terms of music, the electronics are far too smothering, far too textured to emote his sycophantic delivery. But who cares about that, right? (6/10)


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