Weekly Capsule Reviews – 25/09/2016


This week: Wussy, Frank Ocean

Wussy – Forever Sounds (04/03/2016 – Damnably/Shake It Records)

One of the most crunching records I’ve laid my ears on this year. At least the first half, anyway. Lisa Walker’s voice alongside Chuck Cleaver’s elevated yelp is an obvious contrast but one in which the virtue of their delivery rides in compatible cadence. From the crunch of the likes of “She’s Killed Hundreds” they deliver dichotomies such as the soft and wishful “Better Days”, “Majestic-12”, and “My Parade”, even if still heavily guitar-led. These guys are grown-up, solid adults and are delighted about it even if the youth can grab hold of what they’re doing and relate to it. Somebody better tell J Mascis. (8/10) [Dorney’s Top Records of 2016: #6]


Frank Ocean – blond (20/08/2016 – Boys Don’t Cry (self-released))

Ocean seems content with life even if the general vibe of uncertain sonics, beats, and advice from his mother seem to suggest otherwise. He’s ridin’ solo, he’s a good guy, and he knows the pitfalls of social media even when we blatantly ignore them in favour of the selfie-drenched and narcissistic virtual demimonde we won’t let go of. blond (blonde/Blond/Blonde (?)) is as honest as anything any alt-R&B superstar will throw at us this year, or any year, for that matter. His honesty is best projected in the vagina-cocaine disaster of “Pink + White”, the rushed vocal bars in the final third of “Nights”, and the vulnerable/sometimes-feminine “Close to You”. This record transcends race, sexuality, relationship, and maybe even artistic barriers. Maybe. (7/10)




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