Weekly Capsule Reviews – 23/10/2016


This week: Kate Tempest, Lady Gaga

Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos (07/10/2016 – Caroline International/Fiction Records)

Her vexed pace adds dynamic to the writing; acerbic and preachy with a hint of meaningfulness that goes a long way today. “Life’s just a thing he does” when speaking of a big-dick in the PR world. London’s demise seems as dim post-Brexit as any liberal would love to tell us but is cagey enough to not shout from the rooftops in case she’s wrong about it. Her anguish at London’s demise is down to capitalism, destruction of the planet, and the melancholy epoch she’s created for her characters. But what’s she going to do about it? (8/10)

Lady Gaga – Joanne (21/10/2016 – Streamline Records/Interscope Records)

Lovingly consistent whilst disclosing her flaws. Her diamond heart is in the voice and we’ve known that since before Tony Bennett had his way with her. Joanne is stripped back to emulate what her supposed family values are. Or is it before she was famous? Her gimmicky country virtues are a testament to her family values, however. The family unity of “Come to Mama” is enough to see where she’s at. (7/10)


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