Weekly Capsule Reviews: 30/04/2017


This week: Body Count, Gorillaz, Sadistik, Mastodon, Soulwax

Older releases/Classics: Pixies, King Krule

Body Count: Bloodlust [Century Media, 31/03/2017]

“The country’s divided, you know the fuck why”. Ice-T harping on about the ills of racism while simultaneously stirring the blood-filled pot won’t alleviate the issues related to these ills if you take his bloodlust seriously or as violence directed at the opposition (which seems to be everyone else). But when he comes out with “In the hood we killing each other like that ain’t no crime” his thirst for the opposition’s haemoglobin is starkly and solely a non-literal account for the art, thankfully (hopefully). Some nutters may take it literally, on both sides of the fence. The most intricate of guitar parts comes from a long-haired aficionado in Dave Mustaine. That doesn’t matter—the deep-rooted bassy-yet-obtrusively-hooky riffs throughout are enough to cast their entire anger onto the political and societal discussion over the cut-and-thrust, blood-thirsty horrorcore (hopefully). (7/10)

Gorillaz: Humanz (Deluxe Edition) [Parlophone, 28/04/2017]

Fearing Benjamin Clementine’s slave-to-the-political-money declaration would lead the virtual four-piece into nothing, I was more relieved than surprised to discover his weary drawl makes sense when plonked as the penultimate cut on the standard edition, especially as Danny Brown and Vince Staples were spitting the same shit early on—Brown with ennui and Staples with anti-gang-bangin’, unpatriotic put-downs. More of a sporadic dance number than Damon Albarn’s and Jamie Hewlett’s past releases under this virtual form. You’re probably best off minus the deluxe tracks. The best collabs, you ask? Go for Peven Everett, Grace Jones, Anthony Hamilton, and Mavis Staples. (7/10)

Sadistik: Altars [Equal Vision, 14/04/2017]

Cody Foster really wants to hammer home the evolution stuff, y’know, we’re all made of water, we’re all molecules, we’re all dead anyway. But his wordplay is intentionally thought up to lure the masses in: “My mentality’s kill or be/I hide in my honeycomb”. As commercial as it is underground. Heard by none, needed by many. (7/10)

Mastodon: Emperor of Sand [Reprise, 31/03/2017]

A tale of a desert wanderer who has been handed a death sentence alongside themes of death and survival inspired by illnesses suffered by members of the band’s families. The music? The fanboys will throw a fit. The rest won’t give a shit. (6/10)

Soulwax: FROM DEEWEE [DEEWEE/PIAS, 24/03/2017]

Organic drumming with inorganic everything else, paranoid Kraftwerk androids with humanism in there somewhere. I hope their proclamations of the system adversely affecting everyone are correlated to their own art form. If not, it still won’t bother anyone including, most importantly, the fan base. (6/10)

Older releases/Classics

Pixies: Bossanova [4AD, 13/08/1990]

In the first half, Black Francis tears through as many female references as he does vocal and sonic impressions, which I like. The Beach Boys, Kurt Cobain, and Christy Dignam get a go as well as the Cecilia Ann, the Velouria, the Allison, and the Ana. Up to this point, their most “musical” effort. By that I mean their best. (8/10)

King Krule: 6 Feet Beneath the Moon [XL, 24/08/2013]

Give him the benefit of the doubt, any zippier you’d swear he was enjoying himself. An old head on weary-but-young shoulders and life advice from a just-about adult who hasn’t himself lived yet can be beneficial, or naive, just like “A Lizard State” wherein his homemade-swing recipe’s beneficial naivety is an education the philistines feel they need on jazz-rock numbers. You can be sure the purveyors were saying the same thing about Archy Marshall’s retro-jazz buddies, too. I’m listening with little qualms, though, I’ll have you know. (7/10)


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