Weekly Capsule Reviews: 30/07/2017


This week: Lana Del Rey; Declan McKenna; Tyler, The Creator

Lana Del Rey: Lust for Life [Polydor, 21/07/2017]

Crooners are normally as real as they come. The music is also trying to suggest that, and I believe her. No-one and nothing is below her in the artiste-fan paean of “Groupie Love” nor are two collaborations with A$AP Rocky, back-to-back. It’s subtlety political without being overbearing, a mix we badly need these days. (8/10)

Declan McKenna: What Do You Think About the Car? [Columbia, 21/07/2017]

He knows the pitfalls he’ll be the victim of before they even come around. Nothing new there, it’s just nice to hear it before we’re subjected to it in What Do You Think About the More Expensive Car? (6/10)

Tyler, The Creator: Flower Boy [Odd Future/Columbia, 21/07/2017]

He doesn’t care about identity politics, gender politics, or otherwise. More of Flower Boy is being made of than is really needed even if the general consensus of the subject matter aligns itself with “opening up”. Some even suggest “coming out”. I think it’s neither. Where Tyler was twisted and tormented—and a tormentor—previously (and still is to this day, really), here he doesn’t necessarily let the tunes speak for themselves more speaks at us through them. Depending on the particular context that can be a good thing. Here I don’t know. And we won’t know. Who dat boy, anyway? (6/10)

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