Weekly Capsule Reviews: 27/08/2017


This week: Lil B, Everything Everything

Lil B: Black Ken (mixtape) [BasedWorld Records (self-released), 17/08/2017]

Last night DJ BasedGod saved our lives. Exuding chauvinism yet the kind we like (“I’m not rich, but I’m workin'”) and modesty yet the kind we probably don’t buy (“It’s not about the sex, that’s the lamest part”), at twenty-seven tracks in average movie-time duration, we owe it to ourselves to listen to nearly three quarters—best encapsulated by the still-down-to-ride of “Still Run It”, the laying-down-the-gauntlet of “Bad MF”, the techno computerisation of “DJ BasedGod”, the working-hard-for-the-money of “Berkeley”, the jazz infusion of “Free Life”, the husky “Getting Hot”, the made-it-before-I-even-made-it “Global”, the jingoistic “West Coast”, the saviour-of-hip-hop “Rawest Rapper Alive”, and that’s not even all nineteen I hold as “worthy”. Shout out the keyboard playing. (8/10)

Everything Everything: A Fever Dream [RCA, 18/08/2017]

2015’s Get to Heaven was ladled with vocal histrionics with a pop edge so endearing you could only take so much. This is much more approachable as well as less hooky; more so less annoying, really. But annoying has its place in pop and definitely in my interpretation of it, be it sonically or otherwise. A Fever Dream is neither cultivated from their previous affair nor a complete departure from it. Jonathan Higgs stretches that voice as far as it’ll take him, which is pretty annoying… Whoops… (6/10)

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