About this site

I’d like to point out that I’m my own critic, writer, editor, computer programmer, PR guy, etc. so there will be minor mistakes and discrepancies throughout, be they spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors, or otherwise. Forgive and never forget.

This website is where you will find all of my work since I began in Jaunary 2015. It was the reason I received a nomination for Blog of the Year at the Irish National Student Media Awards 2016 held at the Aviva Stadium… Your guess is as good as mine.

Herein lies my entire portfolio, most notably my “Weekly Capsule Reviews” that are released every Monday; my external reviews, features, videos, and podcasts.

The capsule reviews are the vast majority of my work but don’t be afraid to traverse the other realms of my portfolio.

Take a look at how I grade a record, take a look at my features, take a look at where I’ve been published, and take a look at what else I do. Take a look.


Hello! My name is Stephen Dorney, simply known as Dorney to all two of my peers. I’m an Irish music critic, journalist, reporter, writer and occasional tech minor-semi-wizard. I’m a holder of a Master of Arts degree in Journalism with New Media (2016) from the Cork Institute of Technology and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in some computer thing called Business Information Systems (2014) from University College Cork.

Currently, I’m a Multimedia Journalist with Business & Finance magazine writing about… business and finance. Shock horror!

I began musing about music in January 2015 writing articles of musical movements/epochs such as the New York punk scene, shoegaze, and “krautrock”. I eventually moved on to critiquing artists’ past discographies but put a halt to that in early 2016. I discovered quite quickly that the demimonde of music-listening twelve-year-olds inhabiting the twenty-first century don’t show much interest in Gang of Four’s shift from proletariat Marxism to a more modern-day, sometimes-left-wing attitude, so I decided to give the omniscient top-forty brigade a fair crack of the whip.

This crack comes in the form of my extremely famous “Weekly Capsule Reviews” wherein I listen to and review as many releases a week as I can from the current year or yesteryear (the latter is to fuel my past-discography addiction). When I say “famous”, I mean within my two peers. These capsule reviews are short and concise but give to you the general gist of a record and are there predominantly to converse with you and to you.

I also write for a range of external websites and publications such as Overblown and DYNAMIC: A Johnny Marr Fanzine, to name just a handful. I have also lent my services to the likes of Hot Press, the Irish Examiner, Cork’s Evening Echo, the Cork Independent, and JOE.ie, to name another handful.

I’m surfeited with an overabundance of fibre from too many vegetables. Make of that what you will.

I have also been seen around Cork producing documentaries, be they video and/or radio, on topics such as the vinyl revival and the changing world of modern journalism. You can check them out on this website as well as luck would have it!

That’s that! Thanks for coming! Do stay a bit.

And remember; keep your eyes open, your mind broad, and your ears agape.

Yours never,