Dorney’s Predictions for the Choice Music Prize Irish Album of the Year 2016


Let me start by saying I have no attraction to anything on this list and there’s better music on this island that didn’t get a sniff, but we can only go with what’s in front of us. Obviously there are other categories but you’ll excuse me for only listening to albums… won’t you? (more…)

The Queen Is Dead: 30 Years On, We’re Still Waiting… and Listening


One of the seminal records of the 1980s celebrates thirty years in existence today. A beacon of inspiration for many fledgling rockers, The Queen Is Dead showcased Manchester’s mercurial metropolis of maudlin melancholy and misanthrope, Morrissey; and the effervescent, arpeggio-whirling axeman, Johnny Marr, in their full-force bouts of witticisms and reverential jangle-pop surrounds. (more…)

Meat Is Murder: 30 Years On, Never Tasted So Good


Today marks the 30th anniversary of Gillian McKeith’s Dietary Diary Through the Medium of Song (even she eats fish). The Smiths’ second studio record, which began their plunge into the realms of political and social commentary, has one of the most provocative, straightforward and controversial titles of the ‘80s, or any decade for that matter. (more…)

Tinnitus pls: The Inspirations and Sounds of “Shoegaze”

As Elvis famously stated “Don’t step on my blue suede pedals” (I’ll never say that again I swear I’m so sorry). “Shoegaze” was a cult movement that was formed during the mid ‘80s in the UK and Ireland. The underground scene of an underground scene drew from alternative rock, ‘60s psychedelic rock, garage, noise and dream pop. The basis for this unusual cult came from guitarists more intrigued by the mechanics and science of guitar gadgetry rather than the basic playing of melodies and chords. (more…)