Vegan Features (06/04/2016)

This is my piece I wrote for in April 2016 on my journey to veganism and tips for people interested. It’s important to acknowledge that I wrote this very early into making the switch to veganism and some of the points referenced are a little lacklustre in terms of scientific research, and on occasion, fact. My vegan view now has taken on a more “science and rational” outlook, shall I say (even if the moral outlook is still the most important to me)? It has less to do now with the speeches and documentaries referenced even if I do still hold some of the points within them to be correct and very much worthy of your consideration. Alas, this article is shared in cycles by JOE even if I don’t fully hold it to be 100% comprehensive anymore. Also worth noting is that it’s heavily edited (the final piece is only around 50% of what I originally wrote). Oh well…

FEATURE: A young Irishman tells JOE why he gave up meat and became a vegan (06/04/2016)


Steak, chicken-roll lunches and (more than) occasional takeaway treats used to be the highlights of my day when it came to food. I decided to make the transition to veganism in the middle of September 2015. [read full article…]

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